Thursday, January 29, 2009


I realize that the glasses are a little long. I just dont feel like editing these images into perfection. It's the imperfections that make this blog perfect for me.

Found my Eyeglasses! I had left them at Atari. I think its called etru? etra? off Westhemier across from Boondoggles? Boondocks? I don't know. I'm new to town. Anyhow great time eating pizza and such with my good pal Coach. Has it really been 19 years of friendship...Jeesh. Man, good pals are priceless.

I'm not totally blind. Just gettin up in years and a touch of nearsighted... or is it farsighted... I can never get that straight. Ah, such a complicated morning.

Can't freegin wait until payday.

(Special thanks in order to Derek at Etru(atari bar?) for holding them for me with my name around them for SO LONG. You rule. And Pink's Pizza. Best pie I have had in H town. BLOWS away late night pie and is just a block from homebase. )

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