Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Cartoon Eye Study

Doing another post. Really can't say why I stopped posting except that I got SERIOUSLY burned by all these social network things. Families (mother and father) logging online after doing Google searches with my name, seeing pictures of me hold beers (NON ALCOHOLIC) and totally freaking out as if I was 15. Pretty lame. My family is about as tight as the Pope's anus.

You know had I known that every MORON i know, friends, family everyone, would be DEPENDENT on computers, I would have never gotten into them. See chances are pretty good I was typing on a computer at 50 wpm before you even ever looked at one.

It sucks.

But not only that, this blog was actually a little sister blog (or wanted to be) of my friend's blog who apparrently also lost the urge to finish stuff up as well.

oh well. here is the latest sketch I feel like showing. (The other sketches I have been doing are for a cartoon so I don't want to show them)

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