Tuesday, March 10, 2009


So I pulled into the Dr.Sketchy parking lot... sat there waited a while. Called some friends. Decided to go out to eat.

It's not that I would have to draw a near naked dude. I've been through art class. I've done that. I've hung out with some friends of mine who are gay and they like to look at naked dudes all the time. Not scared of that.

What I am scared of are a lot of these fucking people that go to this Dr.Sketchy thing. First off the Houston photographers seem to overwhelm the scene. (I just deleted about 3 sentences) The artists stick to themselves and never comment on other peoples stuff. They just sort of glare over to see if they are going to get more acceptance than others.

I was able to get into it free of charge but now it looks like it would have costed me a lot. A lunch with a friend. I'll see about next time.

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